Creating environmentally friendly graphics is the greatest challenge in manufacturing signage. Our process will not be over-bearing in energy usage while standing up to the inclement weather issues that deteriorate outdoor products. Sustainability is not just a buzzword; it’s a virtue woven into all that we do.


Our BioSet Composites are an eco-friendly composite graphic panel and surface material based on our Patented TIMFF technology.  We have formulated our low energy TIMFF process with durable bio-resin and rapidly renewable reinforcement to aid in sustainability.  We exist because of our process advancements and the growing availability of green resin and reinforcement materials. 

BioSet Composites products can be recognized for points toward The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System.

  • No forest products are used in our composite products. We strive for a consumable free process. We use reusable finish plates and molds eliminating tapes, bagging films and release liners. ColorSet Composites products are made to be long lasting, thereby reducing the overall impact on the earth’s resources and increasing sustainability.
  • No Urea-Formaldehyde Resins are used in the production of our products and they are VOC free. Our backing resin contains a range of 35 to 53% of bio-sourced content. These resins have the same physical properties, UV & chemical resistance compared to conventional resins and can be used in processing ColorSet composites for construction, signage, transportation, recreation, marine, sanitary, automotive or railway sectors.
  • Depending on the renewable material content, the use of our bio-resins provides a carbon footprint (CO2 emissions) from 12% to 30% less than traditional resins. 

A Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) has been performed on the use of our resins with flax fibers for an exterior seat application. Results show -31% of the greenhouse gases emissions compared to standard resin with glass fibers.

Our Green Initiatives

We are committed to environmental responsibility and sustainability.  We are not just making an effort to make our products as environmentally responsible as possible, it is actually where we compete in the marketplace and why our patented technology was developed. Our practices are both good common sense, as well as good business.

Our commitment to sustainable manufacturing is represented by our development of patented film processes and products that represent a real reduction in our overall manufacturing carbon footprint verses traditional methods. 

Green Initiatives are programs, processes and material choices that we make to further our commitment to environmental sustainability.

ColoSet Composites Green Initiatives include:

  • Consumable Free Processes:
    • We use reusable texture plates, mold tooling and more to eliminate consumables.
  • Reducing Energy Usage:
    • We actually use the heat energy caused by the chemical reaction in our process. An exothermic reaction naturally occurs when two resin components are combined during infusion and we use that heat to initiate the curing of the graphic resin during infusion. We use a low energy vacuum to aid in the infusion unlike the “high” pressures and heat energy traditionally used.
  • Life Cycle Extension:
    • Our DuraSet panels are made to last, but at any point in it’s projected life (10 years) changes can be made through our refacing program, giving new life to the panel without using all new materials.
  • Green by Design:
    • Our BioSet panels are green by design as we use rapidly renewable flax fiber reinforcement and core material as well as bio-derived resins all processed by low energy methods.