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ColorSet Composites is based in Las Vegas.  Within the past five years, Tom Hicks, joined the company and brought an inspired set of concepts to innovate the outdoor signage industry. Tom and Todd Koren share a common goal of creating an end product that is resilient, durable, with a prolonged existence while maintaining a sustainable strategy for manufacturing.

Sustainability is in constant evolution with many new issues to conquer.  We have worked five years and thousands of man hours to create a ground-breaking manufacturing process that will revolutionize the custom durable graphic panel, sign and surface industries.  Multiple patent applications resulted in patents awarded in twenty-eight countries and counting at this time.  Prototype testing ensures that the most progressive step in custom graphic composites manufacturing in decades is now available.

ColorSet Composites is dedicated to sustainable manufacturing in the creation of our manufactured vibrant signage through economically-sound processes that minimize negative environmental impacts while conserving energy and natural resources.  We are building for the future as we believe every business should today.

Meet Tom Hicks, Director of Operations

As the Director of Operations, the inventor, and product specialist, Tom can serve as a great consultative sales professional, product expert and specialized account executive focusing on interior and exterior interpretive exhibits and services. Tom works with ColorSet Composites clients to develop immerse environments, traveling exhibits and long term or “permanent” exhibits such as educational exhibits, interpreting historical sites or artifacts, corporate interiors and reception areas as well as outdoor exhibit signage and frame systems.

In the early 1990’s, digital print technology was emerging, and Tom was a pioneer in implementing this technology in projects such as the Disney stores and the 1996 Olympic games. In 1998, Tom invented Rhino™ fused polycarbonate graphic panels. This proprietary product became a favorite of the National Park Service and he was awarded the annual IDIQ contract with the US Department of the Interior. His panels have been used nationwide to create other exceptional interpretive exhibits.

Tom joined us in June 2013 for the opportunity to expand the interpretive exhibit department.   For the past five years Tom has stepped back into his lab to invent and patent his most incredible work to date.  He has developed a new standard in durable graphic panels for signage, environmental graphics & decorative surfaces.  His chemistry reinvents signage to be more sustainable, resulting in the most environmentally friendly panel in the USA and with a low-carbon economy standard.

Tom has created a revolutionary manufacturing procedure that will transform the custom durable graphic panel, sign and surface industries.  Patents have been awarded in 28 countries to date and counting.  Prototype testing confirms that the most advanced step in custom graphic composites manufacturing in decades is now available.

Working with a dynamic design staff and team of craftsmen at ColorSet Composites, Tom seeks to ensure effective interpretation for his client’s historical, cultural, artifacts and educational programs.


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