ColorSet Composite signs and panels are ideal for interpretive exhibits including interpretive signage. No matter the project, our panels are appropriate for indoor and outdoor use. Our graphic infusion process creates durable panels with full-color, high-resolution graphics capable of delivering detailed photographs and colorful elements as a part of your signage. Parks and green spaces require signs and panels that clearly communicate conservation, direction, or history while fitting into the beauty of their surroundings. Whether the panels will be interpretive signage in nature, or simply directional, they will stand the test of time while withstanding nature’s harshest elements. Rain, sleet, snow, hurricanes wreak havoc on other signage but ColorSet Composites signage is built to withstand the elements. Path marking with trail signs and indicators is also available because we understand this signage is about more than marking the paths – it’s also about sharing and preserving the world’s most beautiful and irreplaceable areas. Wayfinding maps require bright, clear, detailed maps with crisp graphics on signage for effective wayfinding. And we build durable, long-lasting solutions that deliver this need.  Amusement parks, state beaches, botanical gardens and zoos all require informational signage that can withstand rain, snow, and extreme heat – any and all forms of inclement weather – that is what ColorSet Composite Panels can do.